It’s definitely a topic amongst scientists and the health and fitness world... The importance of Hydration.

Our personal preference when it comes to water?

Having access to purified, alkaline water.

Water is an essential nutrient for life, and hydration plays a critical role in human physical performance as well as in the prevention of chronic diseases. Dehydration is a well-accepted contributor to impaired human physical performance, resulting in guidelines established for fluid replacement in many professions involving significant physical activity, including athletes [1]. Performance impairments that are mediated by dehydration can produce untoward effects such as cardiovascular strain, heat strain, altered neurologic function and altered metabolic function [2].

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"The DYLN Bottle increases the pH up to 9+ within minutes to create alkaline antioxidant water. The pH of your water will increase up to 9+ helping neutralize the acid in your body. The ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of your water will reduce down to -150 protecting you against free radicals. Your water will contain only five or six molecule clusters, hydrating you more effectively.
A bottle that is affordable, sustainable, stylish AND makes alkaline water on-the-go!"


*To learn more about the importance of drinking water, please visit these familiar sites: CDC + NASM

** These brands/products are not in partnership with Dance Fitness Collaboration; they are recommended products that we use personally.