About the Crew

Jimmy Trafecante-Lamboy

Jimmy, aka Zumba Jesus, has a passion for Latin dance since being a young boy. Jimmy’s commitment in life is a fit/healthy lifestyle (and fashionable one) while also having a natural ability to make people smile. Having disabled veteran status from having served two Iraq tours with the United States Marine Corp., Jimmy sees Zumba® as an incredible, transformational therapy that he hopes can help bring others the same healing and joy that it has for him. For Jimmy, family is everything and he wishes to open the doors to others to be apart of the “Zumba family” and community that the DFC crew have been bringing together for over eight years.

(instagram @thejimblog)

Talin Borekjian

For Talin, dance is a form of expression with the amazing ability to bring people together, stay healthy and become more comfortable in ones body. Growing up as a ballet dancer, she was always self conscious about dancing. Talin was excited to find Zumba® because she realized it wasn’t about looking perfect, but about having fun while getting an awesome workout. She hopes that DFC can continue to be a place celebrating diversity, friendship, health and wellness. (instagram @talinb)

Marco Trafecante-Lamboy 

Marco is an entrepreneur, photographer and designer with a passion for nutrition and holistic living. He fell in love with Zumba® Fitness because it encourages freedom of expression, self acceptance, community and a sense of positivity. Marco believes that DFC can be a place where people come to receive support and guidance for every aspect of their lives, from physical to nutritional and spiritual for an all around balanced wellbeing.

(instagram @marco_arbonne)