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The mobility and flexibility program designed to help you move your body the way it's intended to. Based on the science of functional movement, CIRCL Mobility™ focuses on flexibility, breathwork, and mobility exercises. Round out your fitness routine with 30-minute live or virtual classes. CIRCL Mobility™ helps you release stress, restore your range of motion, and renew your ability to move better, longer.

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Dance Fitness Collaboration

Located at 70 James St. #219

Worcester, MA 01603

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Reduce stiffness and tension to feel your best.


Help speed up recovery while also improving balance and focus.


Stimulate your body’s nervous system to enhance muscle activation and circulation.

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Join our studio on the 'Fit by Wix' App where you can create a personal profile, book classes, get notified about important updates, chat it up in a class group, browse on-demand classes and more.

Challenges and Loyalty Program coming soon! Add your number for us to text an invite link or click on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store link.

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